Ever wondered how Dakimakura pillow covers are manufactured?

Moehobby started as an idea. o(*≧▽≦)ツ in 2001. Welcome you at our fascinating online store. We are dealing in the field of manufacturing Dakimakura pillows, clothing and bed sheets for more than 10 years. Basically, Moe Hobby began as an idea of connecting the concept of Moe with the printed cloth products. At Moe Hobby, our goal is to introduce and get people familiar with the Moe concept by providing the best quality Dakimakura products. ( °௰° υ )Apart from Dakimakura, we are also proud to sell our hoodies and shirts to our retail users all over Japan.(* ॑ᐜ ॑*)

Firstly, let us introduce Dakimakura to the people who are new to this product. Dakimakura is a type of large pillow (life sized pillow) from Japan. It is a marvellous product that enables you to put your favourite character onto a life sized pillow so you can carry it around and cling to or hug them when you want. Be it while you are sleeping, laying down or just relaxing. We at Moe Hobby are committed to create and sell such stuff that would make our customers fall in love with it and give them a relaxing experience. Moe hobby is a company that manufactures and is proudly dealing with the retail sale of genuine High quality Japanese Dakimakura. Our website is an initiative to expand our business to the digital market and sell our amazing products directly to retail customers. Apart from that, we wanted to make it easier for our people to buy and experience Dakimakura products as they are not readily available in nearby places. Our goal is to give best customer service by ensuring high quality stuff.

It is our pride that we have an experience of manufacturing Dakimakura products for almost a decade now. We have been producing for multiple clients including Japanese OEM suppliers and the private costumers too. In the beginning we have been targeting and dealing in retail market but now we have also emerged at ecommerce level. Our fine credibility, state of the art manufacturing machines, high quality products, wonderfully talented design team and best customer service makes us buy our client’s full trust. For this reason we are gaining more and more Dakimakura market share for the past few years.




We also deal in manufacturing custom pillow covers, bed sheets and clothing on which specific characters or artwork is drawn. Our manufacturing machines are very flexible in producing custom style products. We make sure that our product is made of finest fabric for which we import the best quality material from Osaka. Our custom printed pillows are made by fine quality assurance by validating the image first, transforming it in printer format, enhancing the colours and fine details before production, making a test product and then printing on pillow cover fabric.✧*。٩(ˊωˋ*)و✧*。

At Moe Hobby, we are committed to provide excellent customer service to our clients. We appreciate and commend the loyalty of our registered customers by offering them the lowest prices, discounts and regular promotion deals. In addition to that, our registered users also get access to wholesale prices for certain products too.

We encourage our customers to visit our highly demanded fine collection of Dakimakura products. We have been able to fulfil the growing demand received by our customers all over the world. We are sure that our fine quality and best prices will definitely make you fall in love with them.


5 Dakimakura Product Quality Control Process

1. Our designers will need to first validate the image and get it in the printer format for production.
2. Then the image may require some enhancement of colours and fine detail before production. 
3. We also make a "test" image print on a matte paper of the equivalent size to evaluate the outcome.
4. Once it passes both test, then we move on the using the hand-sewed dakimakura pillow cover of the fabric for printing.
5. If there is a risk that the outcome quality is not good, our production team will notify us (customer service) and we will ask you whether you'd like to proceed with the order. 




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Phone: (+852) 6425-4687
Fax: (+852) 2486-9372
Email: [email protected]