Boarding School Juliet

Boarding School Juliet also known as Juliet of Boarding School, is a Japanese shōnen manga series. Boarding School Juliet takes place at Dahlia Academy Boarding School, where students come from two rivalling countries known as the Nation of Touwa" and "Principality of West". This academy segregates its student body into two dormitories which reflects their nationality: the "Black Dogs" housing those from Touwa, and the "White Cats" housing those from the West. The story follows Romio Inuzuka, the 1st Year Leader of the "Black Dog Dormitory". Romio has had an unrequited love for Juliet Persia, the 1st Year Leader of the "White Cat Dormitory", since childhood. Initially hesitant, Romio decides to confess his love and resolves to change the world if it meant staying by Juliet's side. Juliet, impressed by Romio's determination, accepts his love. However, now both Romio and Juliet must work hard to keep their relationship a secret from other dorm mates while trying to avoid trouble."

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