Demon Lord, Retry!

Demon Lord, Retry! is a Japanese fantasy light novel series written by Kurone Kanzaki. As Akira Ono prepares to shut down the servers of his creation, the MMORPG Infinity Game, he suddenly finds himself in the body of his character, Demon Lord Hakuto Kunai, after an unexplained event. The new world he wakes up in appears to be set within Infinity Game, but with some differences. He encounters and summons various companions who join him on his travels, and his reputation of Demon Lord" spreads throughout the land, making him a target. Eventually, Ono/Kunai finds himself having to deal with the sociological problems of the Kingdom of Holy Light and the Satanist cult that opposes it, as he continues to pursue his mission of finding out why and how he was summoned."

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