Devils And Realist

Devils And Realist is a Japanese manga series. England, 1889. Seventeen-year-old William Twining, a genius aristocrat, learns of his family's bankruptcy and finds his life suddenly turned upside down when he accidentally summons a demon in his family's basement while looking for money to pay for his tuition. The demon, Dantalion, reveals to William that he is the Elector" — the one who can choose the interim ruler over Hell as its emperor, Lucifer, rests to regain his strength — and a descendant of King Solomon, who had powers over demons known as his seventy-two pillars. William, who is a scientific realist, does not believe in demons and refuses to become involved with the power struggle in Hell. However, Dantalion stays close to William and decides to go to his school until he is chosen to be the interim king. Dantalion is joined by Sytry and Camio, his fellow pillars and interim candidates, as they become attached to the reincarnation of their beloved master. As more powerful figures learn of William's ancient heritage and plot to use him to their benefits, William finds himself at the center of a war between Hell and Heaven while discovering the mysteries that surrounds him and Solomon's enigmatic past."

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