How Large are your pillows?

Most of our pillows are "hug pillows," also commonly known as "body pillows". These pillows are the standard 150cm x 50cm or 160cm x 50cm size (length times width). We also carry regular pillow cases that are of varying length. If you need more bigger size, please contact us by email: [email protected]

Why don't my pillow cases include the pillow inside?

It is easy to find body pillows at most stores. It takes more for us to ship the pillow. However, we do also sell body pillows in our store if you must have the pillow case with the pillow.

Why does it take so long to ship?

Because our pillows are shipped directly from our factory supplier in Asia, it will take a few days due to the international distance. Expect your pillow within 10-15 Business days. If you need express shipping, please contact us before placing order.

Do you have a tracking number or insurance?

Yes, all pillow shipments include insurance and a tracking number for our own safety and the safety of buy. 

PS: Normally we email our clients with full details of tracking number and tracking link. easy to find out where your order locate currently. 

What can I do if I never receive my order after probably shipping time?

Basically the shipping time takes 10 -15 business days to reach your door excluding holidays. If you don't receive it within time being, please contact us immediately for actions.