I have decided to buy a dakimakura body pillow for anyone who is unfamiliar. I was just about to buy one when I noticed there were all these different kinds of materials 2Way Upgrade/ Smoothknit/Peach Skin and Super Soft plush you can get and I really have no idea what any of it means.  Is there any noticeable difference between the materials, or should I just forget it and get peach skin which costs nothing extra?

There’re two different types of answers: most expensive one VS the most economical one.

One type : I have no clue, I usually just go with more expensive = better. If you want buy only one pillow, I’d shell out for the most expensive one . Some material ones are cheaper, but they are also cheaper quality and not worth spending a dime on.

The other type: Google around and look for testimony on the material texture. If people seem generally satisfied with the texture, then go for the economical option, or compromise for the inbetweener.

So what’s idea ? Let me make a brief introduction for you about all these four kind materials :

Types of Dakimakura Fabrics

Super Soft Velvet pillow Composition: 100%Polyester

Fabric characteristics: Short velvet on the surface, it feels relatively thick, soft and warm, it’s really suitable for winter, exquisite picture.

Peach Skin dakimakura Composition: 100%Polyester

Fabric characteristics: Peach skin fabric is the most favourable material, which has high cost performance, pretty color rendering, soft and smooth feeling, and nice durability, but nearly with no elasticity.

2Way Upgrade Tricot dakimakura Composition: 18%Spandex, 82%Polyester

We use the same fabric called “2Way Tokyo upgrade ” with A&J Inc, which is a famous Japanese pillow manufacturer. Japanese original pillows market, which feels relatively thick, smooth, which be called “skin tactility”. This kind of Elastic fabric, can be stretched in 4 directions, anti-wrinkle, and very exquisite when printed with images. It has obvious nice elasticity and color rendring than peach skin material, and the material is also smooth and a little reflective.

Smoothknit body pillow Composition: 100%Polyester

Fabric characteristics: one of the common pillow fabric in Japan. Elastic fabric can be stretched only one direction. colorful and never fade, soft and comfortable feeling. Difficult to winkle, exquisite picture.

As with many things in life all fabrics are not created equal, I’m going to break down the strengths and weaknesses of the four main styles of fabric that your Dakimakura Pillow can come in . There are five key facts you need to be aware of when trying to decide which material you should choose for your dakimakura. You want to know the feeling, weight, clarity, elasticity, durability and the most importantly you need to know how well the picture of your waifu will transfer over to the fabric your dakimakura is made out of.

Choose which fabric for my dakimakura ?

If you want the most cheap one, choose Peach Skin . Peach Skin has a smooth, almost leathery feel to it, but making it a bit less soft when held side by side to the other fabrics. Peach Skin is not without upside, though. What it loses in softness it makes up for in durability and picture clarity. Also, thanks to the more rugged nature of the fabric, it tends to last longer over time, and not rip or fade. The smoothness of the fabric allows for a better, and more clear, print.

If you prepare to buy the most good skin fabric, Two-way Tricot (2way tricot) is the right choice. This is your first-rate fabric, almost incomparable. Two-way tricot is everything you want your  dakimakura to be.  In fact, It will feel as if you’re cuddling a cloud as you sleep. One could say it’s the softest fabric you will ever feel! Two-way tricot is also super smooth with high elasticity, a very stretchy fabric, it is also very thick and durable. The picture quality is astounding as well. To put it bluntly, there is no flaw to be found with Two-way tricot and is the fabric of choice for many a dakimakura connoisseurs.

If you gose to buy the warm smooth pillow for winter, super soft  Velvet is a tricky fabric to nail down. In regards to its feel, well, let’s just say its name rings true. It as soft as velvet, but the anime picture quality is less clear than the other three fabrics. It is a thick fabric, but not as durable as the others.

Smooth knit  is going to be the up level fabric than peach skin , quite literally the middle of the pack. Not too expensive and the fabric is also feeling good. Not too outstanding, but also a good choice.

While no choice is the best choice, if you want to change different fabric and different anime with your inner pillow, you could also buy these four kinds fabric together, the shop dakimakurastore.com provide the promotion buy three and get one free. It sounds really good, take your time and get really to receive your dakimakuras together.

The reason behind it’s lower price when compared to the other fabrics is simply due to the fact that it’s of the poorest quality when being compared to the other three.

So you could follow your heart to choose whichever you like .